Dummy Travels

The world that we all live in is so gorgeous and yet so fragile. In the last 40 years, I have been fortunate enough to travel to many countries and see first-hand just how different and unique each country is. It could also be said that I could have been living in a much larger house, with more ‘stuff’  had I not traveled so much. Regardless, I am thankful each and every time that I get to travel and take in the wonders of this fragile planet.

There is an unfortunate tendency to get caught up in the politics of cultural differences and the strange twist that organised religion brings to the surface. This has clouded so many peoples ability to see the beauty in this ‘dangerous’ world, it may be that their personal view is one best viewed in the safety of their homes with a tv remote and the internet serving the portal to their worldly experience.

We have tended to treat the weak, the poor, the unemployed, the failures with disdain because success and power have become the gods at whose alters we have burned incense and bowed the knee. We have tended to be embarrassed by compassion and caring as things that were inappropriate in the harsh callous world of business.”  Desmond Tutu