Dec 26

Things continue to move forward here in Australia. After months of planning I am finally back in Melbourne for the “Let Them Eat Cake” festival. There are four stages and another installation by the OCTA crew to be built and installed; there is a lot of work to get done by Jan 1. Once again I am thankful that founder, Matt Bonner, invited me to be part of this colourful festival. The unlikely hero in this is Christian Patton whom I had worked with before on the first 2 Burning Seed events staged here in NSW. He was the one who put my name in the hat.

So, the talented and quirky crews headed by James Diggle and Gramps come together and bring some light into what is a a very disparate times for festivals here. The truth is this; Australia is burning, not like Burning Man, but literally burning, people are dying, homes and business’s are burning to the ground with the ongoing fires that are ravaging the country. From NSW to WA; It is all happening in real time my friends.

On another note. I have nearly completed what seems to me like a 36 month plan of renovating our house in Narrogin, and I am actually very happy with the results. The kicker in the nuts is that Philly and I will put the house on the market and sell the property. My step-mother, Judy summed it up best by saying,  ” Well, that’s kind of sad that you did all of that work and then are selling it”. She’s right. But I have learned so much about who I am and what I am capable of doing. And that is a positive thing, because the next thing will be for us to find a suitable property, and build from the ground up. Fully sustainable housing, off-the-grid living; gardens with herbs; vegetables and multiple fruits.

Something to leave for the kids! In this day, that could only be a good thing because my signed collection of Duran Duran records are worth as much as cup of Earl Gray tea.

Now the other signed stuff is worth more so much more to me, but nobody ,except a small group of us know who they all are, they have listened to the music, but have no idea who they are.  [William Basinski- Michael Brook – L Shankar – Jah Wobble – Moby – Talvin Singh – King Crimson – Bill Bruford – Adrian Belew – Tony  Levin – Mick Karn – David Torn – Steve Jansen, etc etc.]

5 September

A lot of time has passed since I updated my journal. Many opportunities have come to surface and as is life, they have passed without any particular resolve. First things that occured in May were Philippa and I travelled to California to meet with Grady to discuss and look at Wilbur Hot Springs in northern California. We booked a flight 10 days before leaving Perth, and arrived in San Francisco exhausted. After visiting the Burning Man HQ and catching up with old friends, we travelled 3 hours north and spent 2 nights at a wonderful place overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We then travelled to Wilbur Hot Springs and spent 5 days there enjoying the 1852-acre spread. Our time with Grady and his family was brief and time sped by. Before we knew it we were already on a plane flying back to Perth.

All of this travel caught up with us and we spent days recovering. Despite all of this work that went into our travel, it came to nothing, and I believe all of us were not to happy with the outcome.

Phillipa and I are now continuing to wrap up our house in Narrogin so that we can put it on the market and settle up. We are both unsure of what our next move may be, it does however feel immenent that something is going to happen. I am now in the planning stages of Let Them Eat Cake Festival in Melbourne and looking forward to sharing more about this as it unfolds.

13 May

Many things brewing. I have spent a number of years procrastinating about getting accounts set up with the Apple Store (iTunes & Apple Music) to start selling the music of mine online. Finally, after kicking myself around, I did it. It took some work but it is finally online, well one record that is. The first one up is “Warm Neon Glow”, it was recorded in Perth in 2010-2012, this before the majority of my gear arrived from San Francisco, and interestingly enough, I mixed it all on $100 speakers. For this occasion, I remixed one of the tracks, ‘April Showers and September Rains’, and it sounds so much nicer to my ears.

Now. We are leaving for the airport, and off to San Francisco. Then for 2 weeks in the Northern California state. Much news to report after we get back and lick our wounds. Hopefully not.

20 March

I was fortunate to drive Danny Bhoy around for his week-long residency in Perth. A wonderful and reserved man. It is interesting to note how different on-stage personas are from their off-stage ones. He stayed in town during the Red Hot Chili Peppers show and they shared the same hotel. I got to see Flea and Chad Smith late one afternoon, and the only thing that came to mind was how much older they now appeared. It then dawned on me that I am now 29 years older as well, so no surprises there.

My ongoing fascination with Hakan Nessar’s books continues. I have now completed 3 [three!] of his books this week. That’s close to 1300 pages of reading. An absolute gem of a writer, if I could have 1% of his talent, this diary would be 100% more interesting.

Interesting developments regarding a return to the USA. As details get clearer and ironed out, I will be in a better place to share.

26 February

After completing Hakan Nessar’s book I went to the local library and took all of his books home. Lots of great reading ahead. The Artic Monkeys show went well. Fabulous people. On another note, I have applied for an Arts Development Coordinator position way up north, about 12 km from Derby – 2390 km from Perth. I would love to get this position as it is in the Kimberley’s, working with the Ngarinyin, Worrorra and Wunumbal people. This, at the Mowanjum Aboriginal Art and Culture Center. The land looks beautiful, a photographers dream come true.

20 February

I have discovered a wonderful Swedish writer this month. Hakan Nessar’s writing is so fluid and natural (unlike mine). His character studies are so deep. I had to go back to the library and get all of the books that they had there. Currently, I am halfway through ‘The Living and the Dead in Winsford’ and cannot put it down. Today I start a 4-day job driving the crew of Artic Monkeys as they set up for a show this coming Saturday. I know I am no longer aware of the current music when my step-daughter tells me about the group and I have to research them on Wikipedia.  Well, time moves on….

17 January

A bad nights sleep. Reading Greg Iles book ‘Back Cross’, difficult and absorbing interpretation of the Nazi years and impending chemical warfare. Coffee at 4.30 am. A recording of the kookaburra birds at 6 am is a highlight of the day. Painting walls at 8am. They are getting closer to done. Now it is 1.41pm and I am working on this site…..So… Much ..Work to… do…

14 January 2019

Awake at 5 am. Reading the news on CNN and DGMlive.

I am wondering when Donald Trump will be jailed for his crimes. The Wall…BullsH*t..really you will hold a nation ransom and not pay honest people to provide security for the nation… Shame on you Donald!

So loving being back in the country town of Narrogin. It is a small town but I do love the early morning sound here. Rafa and Cheesecake agree, they are completely relaxed.

What now?