Music Projects

I remember listening to the Beatles when they were still together. I was literally blown away by the cannons in the ‘1812 Overture’ by Tchaikovsky in ’69. Music has always been in my life. During my last year of school at Jeppe Boys High in Johannesburg I worked at an ad agency, then a record store, then acted on a South African  TV series and finally worked with the respected South African bands ‘the Asylum Kids’ and ‘What Colours’. This all set the tone for what was to come after leaving South Africa in 1983.

Music has always been a passion of mine. In 1975 I discovered Pink Floyd’s “Wish you Were Here”. Then I discovered Jean Michel Jarre’s album “Oxygene” in 1976.

By the time I completed high school in Johannesburg I discovered 3 recordings that changed my life. This guy Brian Eno was heavily involved in all of them. His collaboration with Talking Heads -“Remain in light” blew my mind; Jon Hassell’s “Forth World Music Volume 1” made me realise that there were musicians currently alive that were doing things on their own terms; channeling ancient modes with current technological advancements that to this day are still being explored and trying to be understood.

Finally his own solo record “On Land” forced me to re-examine the role of silence, environment, tone and engineering production. I have spent decades loving this recording.

And so the journey started. An 18 year old searching for a deeper meaning in life, and the purpose of it all.

Over the last 35 years I have recorded with numerous musicians on many unreleased recordings (Turbid Blue; With Injuries; CRASH; Sphinctus Ignitus Pretensio, Bongo Wrench and  AppleBite the Beggars on Acid).

I still do not know why we did not get to the final hurdle.

Finish and manufacture your product…